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The life aquatic

So it all started with:

Jellyfish socks!

Jellyfish socks, £8 from The Fox In Socks.

Then someone pointed out this t-shirt, which I was naturally charmed by:


$15 from topatoco.com, who have many other cute t-shirts, all of which will be mine.

Then when I was looking for winter socks, I found:


Octopus socks, $12 from Sourpuss.

Suddenly it’s looking all too easy to become a walking aquarium!



While it’s very common to see someone declaring their pop culture preferences by wearing a t-shirt branded with their favourite band, movie, or TV show, it’s rarer to see clothing reflecting one’s literary taste. Fear not, bibliophiles, because here are a couple of websites catering to your obsessions.

Out of Print sells shirts, accessories, and stationery that features classic book cover designs from a variety of genres: children’s books, literary classics, nonfiction, plays, cult favourites, and dystopian nightmares (the latter being a genre close to my heart).

A Clockwork Orange Jane Eyre The Origin of Species

The Brothers KaramazovFor Whom The Bells Tolls Charlotte's Web

As a fan of frogs, the colour green, and evolutionary biology, I’ve had my eye on The Origin Of Species one for quite some time. A bonus aspect of these shirts is that they will satisfy nosy commuters who are disappointed that the popularity of ebook readers means they can’t easily tell what their fellow commuters are reading and judge them by their book choices.

Another option for stylin’ booknerds is Litographs. Their shirts are a touch more subtle, featuring beautifully minimal images in one or two colours that depict famous scenes, characters, or symbols from books. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that the areas of flat colour are actually the densely printed text of the books themselves.

Hamlet the Iliad Treasure Island

The Wind in the Willows

Some very charming designs, and pretty useful if you find yourself waiting around somewhere without a book. If you can read upside down, that is, or simply love a book so much you’re willing to go half-naked just to read it.