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Let’s take a moment to appreciate D&G

After the successfully me-pleasing Byzantine Collection and Ancient Roman maiden-inspired coin-heavy spring/summer collection, Dolce & Gabbana continue to present excellence in their A/W 2014-2015 Menswear:

With some impressively medieval-looking prints:

If their continued romp through history follows the same pattern as before I guess we can expect a step backward in time to the “Dark Ages” (maybe some Hun-inspired jewellery?) and then another leap forward to around the Georgian period. Either way, I can’t wait, and can’t get enough of these architectural and printing-press prints.

And unrelated to D&G, but with a rather similar look, they could do worse than to take a leaf out of the book of whoever created these glorious Garden Of Earthly Delights Doc Martens:


All The Pink is Mine


Over the past few years I’ve been breaking the social conditioning that occurred when I was a child (not by my parents, but by other adults and other children): “You are a boy, you do not like pink”.  I love pink.  I really, really fucking love pink.  I like several shades of pink, but mostly I like the pink shade that’s on those trainers above and the dayglo pink that is magenta.

There were actually periods in the 80s that were kind to these loves.  In ’87 it was fashionable for boys to wear grey & pink clothing – the senior year in my school could chose their uniform colours and that year they went for this combination, of light grey and a light, baby pink.  Then, by ’89, it was fashionable to wear dayglo colours (aceeeeeed!), which ended up seeing me regularly wearing dayglo pink toweling socks (that material, what were we thinking?).

Sadly pink was lost to boys as the arrival of grunge consigned bright colours to children’s wear and pink to the girls’ section.  And, from that point on the decision to purchase something with pink in it, no matter what item or how much pink, returned to having the stigma that pink was for girls.  All of this became deeply ironic when I learned that pink had traditionally been a colour for boys (thanks QI!).

But then pink came back, as fashion for men has expanded again, so I started expanding the pink in my life, from my basic t-shirts to my nerdy toys (seriously, magenta pink colourways are the best!).  In fact, those trainers up top, which combine my love of pink with my love of camo (and inspired this post), are due for release on Nov 30th and they will be mine.  Happy days.

And, hell, I like pink that much my Xbox 360 controller is pink: