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Fashion in a specific area

Let’s take a moment to appreciate D&G

After the successfully me-pleasing Byzantine Collection and Ancient Roman maiden-inspired coin-heavy spring/summer collection, Dolce & Gabbana continue to present excellence in their A/W 2014-2015 Menswear:

With some impressively medieval-looking prints:

If their continued romp through history follows the same pattern as before I guess we can expect a step backward in time to the “Dark Ages” (maybe some Hun-inspired jewellery?) and then another leap forward to around the Georgian period. Either way, I can’t wait, and can’t get enough of these architectural and printing-press prints.

And unrelated to D&G, but with a rather similar look, they could do worse than to take a leaf out of the book of whoever created these glorious Garden Of Earthly Delights Doc Martens:


Hu Sheguang’s Haute Couture Collection

Many of us around here would like to think we have at least a little goth-type cred. Unfortunately, we have all been entirely out-gothed  by Hu Sheguang’s Haute Couture Collection from 2013’s China Fashion Week.

Part insect exoskeleton, part ninja, all terrifying and brilliant.

The full set is visible here. I want one of all of them, even if they would make city walking a little difficult.

The life aquatic

So it all started with:

Jellyfish socks!

Jellyfish socks, £8 from The Fox In Socks.

Then someone pointed out this t-shirt, which I was naturally charmed by:


$15 from, who have many other cute t-shirts, all of which will be mine.

Then when I was looking for winter socks, I found:


Octopus socks, $12 from Sourpuss.

Suddenly it’s looking all too easy to become a walking aquarium!

Prabal Gurung

Thanks to tumblr I discovered this designer who I’d never heard of before. He’s produced some beautiful clothes but one particular collection makes me wish that I was rich enough to buy everything, which is his collection for this season. It’s got a good balance between utilitarian and military inspired pieces with some nice softer touches and flashes of colour. It’s difficult to pick out particular pieces as the whole collections so lovely but I’ll try to limit myself and say that you should look at his website here if you like the look of the ones I’ve picked out.

Prabal Gurung Prabal GurungPrabal Gurung Prabal Gurung

Dressing as befits a woman of my age and station

These are the things that have been close to the top of my floordrobe recently:

item-Circle Skirts-23-58-1-1349262211

I have four of these skirts from Get Cutie in various obnoxious prints, though not the one above (yet). I thought about getting annoyed about having wide hips and being a heavy pear shape, then decided it was way too much effort, had a cup of tea and bought a nice flattering skirt instead.

We Love Colours. 50 colours of fishnets, plus tights, laces, and so forth. Every few months I buy a tangle of them (dark green and dark brown have been the most flattering so far, though there are also burnt orange and yellow pairs at home waiting for the right outfit). Also, stripy tights and plus sized fishnets. The quality seems OK, though I might not be the best person to comment since I’m perfectly happy to layer two or three pairs of ripped fishnets, especially when it starts to get cold.


Fun socks, for when your fishnets are on their way to the big bedroom floor in the sky. These are less good for the plus sized or muscular- I can generally just get into them, but find my thick calves distort some of the designs, and though the curvy knee sock section has improved dramatically, it’s still small enough that I’d rather force myself into regular sizes, just for socks like


(Oh, and just to clarify the title: I’m 30, and the clothes above have only gotten me frequent compliments, so I’d say I was doing something right).


While it’s very common to see someone declaring their pop culture preferences by wearing a t-shirt branded with their favourite band, movie, or TV show, it’s rarer to see clothing reflecting one’s literary taste. Fear not, bibliophiles, because here are a couple of websites catering to your obsessions.

Out of Print sells shirts, accessories, and stationery that features classic book cover designs from a variety of genres: children’s books, literary classics, nonfiction, plays, cult favourites, and dystopian nightmares (the latter being a genre close to my heart).

A Clockwork Orange Jane Eyre The Origin of Species

The Brothers KaramazovFor Whom The Bells Tolls Charlotte's Web

As a fan of frogs, the colour green, and evolutionary biology, I’ve had my eye on The Origin Of Species one for quite some time. A bonus aspect of these shirts is that they will satisfy nosy commuters who are disappointed that the popularity of ebook readers means they can’t easily tell what their fellow commuters are reading and judge them by their book choices.

Another option for stylin’ booknerds is Litographs. Their shirts are a touch more subtle, featuring beautifully minimal images in one or two colours that depict famous scenes, characters, or symbols from books. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that the areas of flat colour are actually the densely printed text of the books themselves.

Hamlet the Iliad Treasure Island

The Wind in the Willows

Some very charming designs, and pretty useful if you find yourself waiting around somewhere without a book. If you can read upside down, that is, or simply love a book so much you’re willing to go half-naked just to read it.