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I just want everthing in clear PVC, is it too much to ask?

I love transparent materials.  I’m fascinated by them.  I’ve recently noticed that they’re a bit on-trend at the moment with shoe designers like Jeffrey Campbell and UNIF using bit, chunky lucite heels for their Lita and Das Boot respectively.  I own a lot of clear-heeled boots.

Yeah, but it means “The Boat”, though

But what about more body-wearable stuff?  It’s tricky: clear PVC has no stretch and is often very thick, so is very difficult to work with.  Misfitz Fashions, a UK-based fetish/alternative clothing company works with clear PVC and recently made me a clear fishtail skirt, which was worth every penny – but they don’t do it very often.  Artifice Clothing do clear PVC, but normally only with a lace overlay, which which extremely cool, isn’t quite the fetish-tastic extravaganza of pointlessness that I desire.

So who does?  Occasional sellers on Etsy, and people who market to the sort of fetishist that I’m not.  It’s a shame.

But one thing you can get reliably in clear PVC is collars.  And how.  Look!

Apparently, it can be worn a number of ways. I bet all of them are “around your neck” though.

This beauty is from PIHDesign on Etsy, whose work in all materials is glorious, but their clear PVC work is so clean, so futurist and so… sharp, that it really stands out.  I have no idea what it would look like when worn.  I guess I’ll let you know when I own literally all of it.

Tumblr favourite CREEPYYEHA has started working in clear PVC, starting a full-on trend in amongst the people who also make garters and harnesses and the like for pastel goths and the creepy-cute brigade.

You can choose the colour of your flowers! Can I have clear flowers? And clear spikes? And a clear ring?

Isn’t that cute?  Ideologia, another of my favourites, do this cute garter, too:

The only thing that would make this better is a good, old-fashioned suspender-style clasp.

Though I’m never impressed by the braces-style metal clasps, which, in my experience, always irreparably fatigue after a year or so.  (If anyone has a fix for this, do let me know…)

Am I alone in my adoration of clear things?  Does anyone else remember Lip Service’s Drastik Plastik line and miss it?  Got any other suggestions as to where I can slake my lusts for clear plastic nonsense?  Leave me a comment!


Let’s Talk About How Hot This Lipstick Advert Is

I love lipstick.  I mean, I’m slightly intolerant to having stuff on my lips as it makes them flake, but I just don’t care.  Enough Vaseline can fix anything, I say, and with Mac’s disgustingly good lip Prep and Prime, anything will stay where I put it – through every slice of cake, every cup of tea and every snog.  Fantastic.

I also love lipstick advertisements; they’re always sexy and suggestive, and I love the way vintage lipstick ads look, with their retro styling and clean blacks (rather than the milky blue shadows we get in current fashion photography) (which is also pretty, but different).  My favourite lipstick editorial at the moment is Lip Service by the heinously talented Armin Morbach.  Go and check that incredible hotness out for yourself.  I’ll wait.

So imagine my delight when Revlon, through their Facebook page, gave us this thing:


Cor.  Look at that sharp rank of hard femme bullet-casings.  Look at those perfect waxy fingers of colour.  Look at the painstakingly-identical identical gold tubes.  Look at the sharp, clean retro styling to match the “way back when” feel to the years from which the shades have come.  Look at that black space above the headline, and the perfect choice of typeface.  That’s a sexy, sexy bit of design, and there’s not even a pair of plump, glossy, suggestively-parted lips to hammer it home.  Hell’s bells.  I sort of want all of them, even though I have been banned from wearing coral by the UN (sorry, Jungle Peach).  I can’t wait to have Fifth Ave Red and Icy Violet.  Do you fancy one?  They’ll be available here next year.


Which means one thing, and one thing only: HALLOWE’EN.  It’s my excuse to dress like Tim Burton shagged Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham every day.

Which brings me neatly onto Spellbound Nails’ Hallowe’en nail polish.  I love nail polish.  I have good nails, and I wear nail polish more or less constantly.  Spelbound’s Hallowe’en collection is… actually, just look at it.

tumblr_mtlbhsX0by1rw75c4o1_500 tumblr_mtlbhsX0by1rw75c4o2_500

Bloody hell.  Isn’t that glorious?  You can buy them here.  I am going to have to try pretty hard not to buy all of them.  There’s everything I could possibly want.  There’s even heat-reactive colour-changing ones – what the hell is that trend?  Is that a trend?  It’s the 90s in fashion again thing isn’t it.  Yeah.

Who Doesn’t Like Collars

My grandmother calls anyone who doesn’t like the things she likes a “communist” with all honesty.  I don’t think she really knows what communism means.


I know a few Communists that might really love this collar, actually.  If they like it, they’d better be quick – NecroLeather’s work on Etsy goes really, really fast.  Newly-added stock is bought sometimes in a matter of minutes!

It’s More Of A Nebula, Really

Everyone calls it “galaxy print” and that upsets me.

il_570xN.375596474_skxzThat’s clearly a nebula cloud.  Anyway, this glorious bangle is available from Beauty Spot on Etsy, who do many other colours of nebula bling, and some planetary bling, too, if you fancy looking like a Hubble fanboy.  I’m getting a couple to wear with suits.  How will you style yours?

Holographic Leather, How I Hate You And Love You In Equal Measure

Everyone and their dog’s all over holo leather at the moment.  Look at these boots, available from Topshop of all places:


Doc Martens did a pair of oilslick patent brogues in their blokes’ range last year, but haven’t brought them back for this Winter.  What the hell, Doc Martens?  The Argo boot (above) has sold out all sizes but two at Topshop in this colourway – holo leather is the thing at the moment because everyone loves the 90s, apparently!  Get it together!  And, um, restock my size, please.