D.I.Y. Cyberfashion.

Over on her personal blog, our very own Jane Tweed turns her dressmaking skills to experimenting with Adafruit’s wearable electronics systems, and discovers some of the problems potentially faced by combining steel thread with lightweight cotton poplin.

The Vault of Heaven (Jane Tweed)

Adafruit’s Wearable Electronics

A video demonstration of what Jane’s finished project looks like.


3 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Cyberfashion.”

  1. I just want to share my tip for working with conductive thread, I just finished the first computerized couture gown for a dog, which was featured on the Adafruit’s blog, I wanted my positive and negative sewing to be on the same side so I used liquid tape, which is electrical black tape, but in liquid form that I got, at Home Depot which I then found out that it came in 4 colors. Great for e-textile projects. It does not bleed through the fabric, but it does have a strong Oder so ventilation is a must!

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