Moon Raven Designs

Moon Raven Designs is possibly my favourite shop on Etsy, and definitely the one I’ve given most money to directly or indirectly. They do handmade jewellery in solid cast metals and specialise in all things anatomy and animals.


The name makes the shop sound like it’s run by a middle aged hippy couple, and judging by the picture in their Etsy profile, it is! Which is charming, considering how on-trend and fashion-forward they are.

Being fond of all things Dead I have been sold on this shop since before I’d made my first purchase (a raven claw in bronze which I bough my own chain for separately because I like my necklaces/pendants absurdly long), which, while not cheap, is something that I have worn at least weekly for years since I got it. I am in love with bronze for jewellery and accessories, and happily this shop specialises in bronze (and silver, which is my second go-to for jewellery).


(Here is Some Celebrity I Guess wearing the same bird claw that has been my favourite for ages).

Also, can I talk about how long I’ve wanted their awesome, 3D anatomical heart pendant?


(Pictured is the white bronze, which I wasn’t aware was a thing until recently. Very shiny).


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