I just want everthing in clear PVC, is it too much to ask?

I love transparent materials.  I’m fascinated by them.  I’ve recently noticed that they’re a bit on-trend at the moment with shoe designers like Jeffrey Campbell and UNIF using bit, chunky lucite heels for their Lita and Das Boot respectively.  I own a lot of clear-heeled boots.

Yeah, but it means “The Boat”, though

But what about more body-wearable stuff?  It’s tricky: clear PVC has no stretch and is often very thick, so is very difficult to work with.  Misfitz Fashions, a UK-based fetish/alternative clothing company works with clear PVC and recently made me a clear fishtail skirt, which was worth every penny – but they don’t do it very often.  Artifice Clothing do clear PVC, but normally only with a lace overlay, which which extremely cool, isn’t quite the fetish-tastic extravaganza of pointlessness that I desire.

So who does?  Occasional sellers on Etsy, and people who market to the sort of fetishist that I’m not.  It’s a shame.

But one thing you can get reliably in clear PVC is collars.  And how.  Look!

Apparently, it can be worn a number of ways. I bet all of them are “around your neck” though.

This beauty is from PIHDesign on Etsy, whose work in all materials is glorious, but their clear PVC work is so clean, so futurist and so… sharp, that it really stands out.  I have no idea what it would look like when worn.  I guess I’ll let you know when I own literally all of it.

Tumblr favourite CREEPYYEHA has started working in clear PVC, starting a full-on trend in amongst the people who also make garters and harnesses and the like for pastel goths and the creepy-cute brigade.

You can choose the colour of your flowers! Can I have clear flowers? And clear spikes? And a clear ring?

Isn’t that cute?  Ideologia, another of my favourites, do this cute garter, too:

The only thing that would make this better is a good, old-fashioned suspender-style clasp.

Though I’m never impressed by the braces-style metal clasps, which, in my experience, always irreparably fatigue after a year or so.  (If anyone has a fix for this, do let me know…)

Am I alone in my adoration of clear things?  Does anyone else remember Lip Service’s Drastik Plastik line and miss it?  Got any other suggestions as to where I can slake my lusts for clear plastic nonsense?  Leave me a comment!


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