Alexander McQueen stained glass print jacket

The men’s collections at the moment seem to be relatively lacking in prints at the moment (aside from the wonderful Agi & Sam of course, who I can always count on in terms of print design excellence). The main exception is the current a/w Alexander McQueen menswear collection, which has this beautiful stained glass print on many items. My particular favourite is this jacket:

Alexander McQueen jacket

In their show it was paired with the matching trousers and shirt for a rather arresting effect.

Alexander McQueen

Personally I think this might be a bit too much for day to day wear as less is definitely more with this kind of print. I think it would work better with a pair of blue or orange trousers to show the print off without it becoming overpowering. It could look nice worn over a dress in similar colours even, which I would probably do myself. Now I just need to find a spare £1895 somewhere.

You can see the rest of the collection here, or even buy some of it if you somehow have enough money. In which case I am extremely jealous and ask that you share some of this wealth around a bit.


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