Jewellery To Talk About

The words “conversation piece” are overused in the fashion press in my obviously-very-sage opinion.

That said, though, I genuinely do describe these new pieces of jewellery I’m about to show off as conversation pieces. Genuine actual conversations have been generated. They have even been ENJOYED.

They’re made by Alice Saville, AKA Raddington Bear, who is wonderfully creative. Her jewellery often features hand painted, collaged or drawn images which she then laquers in resin. In her own words, she’s inspired by “animals, the circus, children’s fiction and Victorian ephemera. My pieces are original illustrations brought to life with handpainted detail and precious metal leaf.”

More specifically much of her imagery is drawn from the birds and beasts of medieval manuscripts.

I got this necklace – it’s inspired by the background architecture in illuminated Chaucer manuscripts, which the Canterbury pilgrims are depicted riding towards or past:


It’s one-of-a-kind, as far as I know, but check out her shop on the links below!

I also got one of these amazing mermaid brooches, which aren’t on her Etsy shop (but as she says in her blogpost there, if you message her about them she can probably sell you one):

mermaid brooch 3

(Click that one for a close-up, because the tiny mermaid drawing inside is LOVELY.)

Here are some of my other favourites from Alice’s Etsy store:


Greek vase pendant, £15


Medieval serpent pendant, £10


Waxwing bird resin brooch, £14


Tiny elephant pendant, £15


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