The Poshest Tiger in the Jungle

All great brands tend to have a mailing list. Signing up is usually done in exchange for some sort of discount or favour, or, very occasionally, because you love an aesthetic and want it to crop up in your email amidst incessant and unstoppable LinkedIn/Facebook/spam noise to brighten your day.

This is precisely why I gleefully signed up for the McQ mailing list, and this morning’s delivery was every bit the delight I required: TARTAN TIGER PRINT.

Oh yeah.

In one dress, witness everything that is great about both fashion and the humble, retro form of advertising-communication that is the mailing list. For the former, a basic, classic shape made dramatically chic and surprising with the application of a mashup of two basic, classic prints. No one of these three elements is surprising, but whack the three together, and you have purest sartorial joy. For the latter, there was I, sifting through comment notifications and letters about council recycling which didn’t exactly lift the spirits when one simple tap of the Display Images Below link lifted my spirits into the stratosphere. Whilst I can’t exactly shop McQ right this moment because rent etc, just knowing it’s out there makes the world that little bit better.

Fashion rolls on in safe hands, McQ have succeeded in endearing me at least 13% more to their brand, and I had a smile brought to my face before I’d even got out of bed. Everyone’s a winner!


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