Street fashion

As this is listed as one of my specialisms on the contributors page I thought I better actually do a post about that. Street fashion/style is about documenting what people choose to wear in their day to day lives. There are plenty of blogs out there which have become influential from just trawling around taking photos of people they meet. This means that most fashion or ‘women’s interest’ magazines now have some kind of section about what a select number of fashion-y types choose to wear to events, particularly models and the kind of people who somehow become trendsetters for reasons I don’t quite understand. This can be interesting in terms of seeing what rich people decide to spend their money on but also has a bit of a level of cynicism behind it as brands have cottoned on to the fact that they can use it as a bit of free advertising by giving certain people their clothes to wear and be seen in. It’s part of the fashion industry now and I can’t begrudge them for it as it is pretty clever but personally I’m more interested in how more average (although still sometimes painfully stylish and probably with plenty of disposable income) people put things together, rather than seeing models outside of shows dressed top to toe in one particular brand. With that in mind I wanted to just recommend a few blogs which I personally enjoy looking at. There are plenty more out there I’m sure and it’s worth looking around if you like this kind of thing so this is just a small section based on my personal taste.

1. The Sartorialist

One of the most influential and best, in my opinion. The creator of this site has released a couple of books of photos from the site and works for a number of fashion magazines as a photographer. This means a lot of photos from fashion shows and of people related to the fashion industry but also a lot of other interesting looking people. The main thing I enjoy about this site is that it’s run by excellent photographers and they go to a wide range of places. Also there’s a more recent focus on taking more close up portraits of people which are mostly excellent.

The Sartorialist The Sartorialist Waris

2. The Locals

Similar to The Sartorialist but based in Denmark and so with more of a European focus. Also goes for more of the unusual and just plain weird than The Sartorialist does.

The Locals The Locals The Locals

3. Wear About

A recent discovery of mine through Tumblr. Blog based in India which gives it a completely different perspective to a lot of the other sites I look at. Lots of beautiful colours and patterns as well as photos from collections shown at Lakme Fashion Week.

Wear About Wear About Wear About

4. Street Gazing

Based in Philadelphia. Very much focused on average people and their daily lives, which is one of its big strengths for me. Also it’s nice to see things from outside of the main fashion centres of the western world for once.

Street Gazing Street Gazing Street Gazing

5. Coggles street style

This is just a section of an online store rather than a site in its own right. It’s based in London and has a wide range of people featured, although it doesn’t seem to be updated that regularly any more. It’s well worth looking through the archives though if you have the time and inclination.

Coggles Coggles Coggles


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