From 40s’ Factories to SS14’s catwalks

There was a really rather excellent trend in this year’s SS14 lines that seemed to take inspiration from women during World War II.  This meant a nice use of one of my favourite colours, olive green, but there’s more.  While previous seasons have seen a focus on soldiers, there was only a bit of that in evidence.

Alexis Mabille went for the factory worker, mixing the boiler-suit look with a navy bandana, aping Rosie the Riveter:

alexis-mabille-spring-summer-2014-pfw6 alexis-mabille-spring-summer-2014-pfw1

Prada (who really shocked me with their SS14 line… I don’t know where they keep getting their designers) used simple blocks of olive green, with nice chunky pockets, mixed with some really neat leg warmers (check the second photo… such cool leg warmers):

091913prada-spring-summer-2014-mfw37 (1) 091913prada-spring-summer-2014-mfw26 (2) 091913prada-spring-summer-2014-mfw3 (1)

And then there was Olympia Le-Tan.  She took the archetypal 40s sailor and mixed it with 40s women’s style to produce a stunning line of elegant trousers and cute dresses and sexy sailor suits:

olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw1 (1) olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw9 olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw8 (1) olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw4

olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw11 olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw13 olympia-le-tan-spring-summer-2014-pfw2

The full line is well worth checking out, the designs and motifs in use are truly excellent.  And I didn’t even include the black leather dress, which is like some kind of miracle.


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