Let’s Talk About How Hot This Lipstick Advert Is

I love lipstick.  I mean, I’m slightly intolerant to having stuff on my lips as it makes them flake, but I just don’t care.  Enough Vaseline can fix anything, I say, and with Mac’s disgustingly good lip Prep and Prime, anything will stay where I put it – through every slice of cake, every cup of tea and every snog.  Fantastic.

I also love lipstick advertisements; they’re always sexy and suggestive, and I love the way vintage lipstick ads look, with their retro styling and clean blacks (rather than the milky blue shadows we get in current fashion photography) (which is also pretty, but different).  My favourite lipstick editorial at the moment is Lip Service by the heinously talented Armin Morbach.  Go and check that incredible hotness out for yourself.  I’ll wait.

So imagine my delight when Revlon, through their Facebook page, gave us this thing:


Cor.  Look at that sharp rank of hard femme bullet-casings.  Look at those perfect waxy fingers of colour.  Look at the painstakingly-identical identical gold tubes.  Look at the sharp, clean retro styling to match the “way back when” feel to the years from which the shades have come.  Look at that black space above the headline, and the perfect choice of typeface.  That’s a sexy, sexy bit of design, and there’s not even a pair of plump, glossy, suggestively-parted lips to hammer it home.  Hell’s bells.  I sort of want all of them, even though I have been banned from wearing coral by the UN (sorry, Jungle Peach).  I can’t wait to have Fifth Ave Red and Icy Violet.  Do you fancy one?  They’ll be available here next year.


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