The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep

This is my first post on board the delightful HMS Faschionism and I’m celebrating by making it all about cute fluffy animals.

The woodland trend which hit its stride in 2012 doesn’t show much sign of letting up just yet, and London label Louche, one of the house brands at Joy, are currently offering a ‘Wildwood’ collection (not to be confused with the ‘Wild Things’ collection, which is where all their leopardprint is at).

Woodland can be slightly deceptively tough to do well if you also want to avoid either a) looking like you’ve only just cottoned on about brassy articulated owl necklaces (seriously, nice as they are, they’re becoming ubiquitous); or b) going too twee.

Now, since I’m genuinely hoping to reincarnate as a first edition of The Wind In The Willows when I die, neither is really a problem for me. Truth be told, I have a very high twee threshold where woodland animals are concerned, so the high volume in recent years of cartoon animals on jumpers about the place has pleased me no end. Including owls. (Maybe especially owls.) But we’ll doubtless get to my dorky jumper obsession in another post – this is something a bit classier.


Louche offers us this dress as part of the Wildwood take on the animals trend, and it’s much more Autumnwatch than Animal Crackers (only without Chris Packham’s super-sensible wellies).

Given that I am a very hourglassy size 16 I’m slightly bamboozled by how much I like this dress. Shift dresses tend to make me feel like all my look is missing is a couple of guy ropes and a bag of tent pegs. But it’s got everything I like on it!

In the Wearably Appealing British Wildlife stakes, it’s got an ALL STAR CAST, featuring the delightful hat-trick of foxes, badgers and rabbits (plus bonus stoat, I think?) in muted, autumnal tones that call to mind a well-loved illustrated edition of Watership Down.


How on earth do I wear this fine ecosystem?

Yes, well, this is a question, isn’t it, perhaps particularly for those of us who aren’t sure about either shift dresses or big prints.

This is still a bit of a full-on deal as prints go, despite the subtle colours, so I’m inclined to agree with the accompanying blurb that to carry it off well, your best bet is “styled simply with opaque tights and a sprinkling of jewellery”.

I’d be tempted to pair it with my Darcie boots, myself – hit the witchy trend at the same time, modern woodland shaman-stylee.  But I also think it’d go nicely with plain flat brogues and a leather satchel.

Show your ire at the badger cull, your childhood appreciation for Richard Adams, and your big-print bravery in one go. (For £65, you might as well get your money’s worth.)

Woody Woodland Tunic by Louche 


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