in the shops: plaid

I’m really pleased that plaid/tartan is all over the place this autumn. I’m not sure if I like it because it’s beloved of Westwood and McQueen (my two favourite designers), or because a goth has to wear something non-monochrome at some point.

These pieces from Westwood’s Anglomania, and McQueen’s McQ, go loud in colour but sleek and edgy in cut – fitted blazers, flared skirts, stylish lines.

designertartansEverything in this second set is from the <$50 category on Polyvore. The set itself contains links to the online sources.


Stick with those conservative cuts, and pair them with dark colours to allow them stand out. With such a bold print, less is definitely more.

For casual wear, pair with a good pair of stompy black boots and a map of Seattle. Can’t go wrong.


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