D&G Claw their way into my heart.

Prior to about last year I generally reviled Dolce & Gabbana as the province of awful sunglasses and people who don’t like their dogs to walk on the ground, but recently they’ve been putting out some pretty alluring catwalk shows. Drawing their inspiration from earlier periods of history than designers have been wont to of late, they’ve been grabbing my attention with a certain amount of focus on the stages of the Roman and Holy Roman Empires.

First there was the SS13 Byzantine line:

Now there’s this, from the SS14 collection:

As a fan of both floral bookending (flowers in the hair and flowers on the feet) and coins in costuming, I’m seriousyly pro-D&G’s SS14 line. They’re in real danger of making me quite grumpy that I could never afford any of their styling!

More fashion houses need to pander to me by plundering the depths of Mediterranean fashion history and covering basically everything with gold.


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