Some stains don’t come out

These days I mostly only leave my flat to go to the gym, for a run, or out to hit people- I spend a lot of time in synthetic fabrics and ugly shoes. My esteemed colleague has saved you all from a bilious (and more importantly, not very funny) rant on trainer heels, to which all I would add is that if your shoes aren’t fit for walking home in, or administering an educational kicking, then they’d better be really damn cute.

But before I got off the sofa, and into an unfortunate relationship with black lycra, I used to spend a lot of time in dark corners, in an unfortunate relationship with black velvet, lace, PVC, leather, and every so often I have a relapse.


I didn’t actually mean to come home with these, but they’re comfortable enough to dance in, grippy enough to walk home in the rain in, and low enough that I can kick any way I like without falling on my arse. What more could a girl ask for?

Edit: price and shop details, apparently. £60 from Office, less 10% for students or the convincing liar (I should be over this at 30, but it’s the price of a silly coffee). I am also happy to  add that they stand up to a night of stomping to dubious 90s alternative very well, did not shred my fishnets, and attracted compliments enough to make me consider a back-up pair. Buy them here.


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