It’s More Of A Nebula, Really

Everyone calls it “galaxy print” and that upsets me.

il_570xN.375596474_skxzThat’s clearly a nebula cloud.  Anyway, this glorious bangle is available from Beauty Spot on Etsy, who do many other colours of nebula bling, and some planetary bling, too, if you fancy looking like a Hubble fanboy.  I’m getting a couple to wear with suits.  How will you style yours?


2 thoughts on “It’s More Of A Nebula, Really”

  1. OH MY GOD YES CALLING IT GALAXY PRINT NARKS ME SO FUCKING MUCH IT’S A NEBULA JESUS BALLS A BEAUTIFUL GOD DAMN NEBULA. *breathes* That wrongness turns up in nail art all the time. It’s pretty, yes, but it ain’t a fuckin’ galaxy.

    BeautySpot’s jewellery is gorgeous and I’d love to try out some of their techniques.

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